Recensioni: nelle Metamorfosi la recitazione ruba lo spazio al racconto

MANTOVA. La seconda recensione di Segni d'Infanzia è firmata da Rui Pina Coelho (Sinais de Cena / Portuguese Association for Theatre Critics). Lo spettacolo è Metamorphosi… cinque storie di uomini che si trasformarono in cose dell'Accademia Perduta / Romagna Teatri. Ve la proponiamo in lingua originale.

"My Italian was clearly not enough to fully comprehend this performance. A vivid, bright actor, Pietro Piva, tells five stories freely inspired in Ovid’s Metamorphosis. He is Orpheus asking a shelter to share his stories, with his musical string instrument. A very simple set (a panel for several video projections and some branches of a tree hanging from a crane). He is dressed (sort of) as a shepherd. Often sitting in a tiny little children chair, his acting is intense and exciting, frequently underlining some passages of the text, repeating them – that creates an almost musical pattern to the text, sometimes used for comical purposes. But, even if his acting was very engaging, for me that was exactly the problem: he was acting. The richness of storytelling performances, I believe, is the synchronicity that can create with the audience. And, in this performance, the storytelling became a traditional monologue: without fluidity and delivered without an energetic and transformative connection with the audience."

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